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Multiple Computers One Keyboard And Mouse Software — Barrier

Barrier (FOSS) Barrier is multiple computers one keyboard and mouse software. It switches one keyboard and one…

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Ergonomic Mouse

I recommend using an ergonomic mouse. They are conformed to fit the hand, usually the right hand….

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Ergonomic Keyboard

“My ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored.”“Weird Al” Yankovic, Lyrics to “White & Nerdy”, Straight Outta Lynwood,…

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Office App For Mobile: Collabora Office (FOSS)

Collabora Office is a free office suite like Microsoft Office, but runs on your mobile device. Collabora…

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Office App For Desktop/Laptop: LibreOffice (FOSS)

LibreOffice is a free and powerful office suite like Microsoft Office. LibreOffice includes several applications that make…

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Email Etiquette: CC & BCC

Ms. A.A.M. suggested that I include information on email etiquette. She had just recently learned about the…

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Video Of Game Play? Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar allows you to screenshot stills of your game and video from your game. On…

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Need More Screen Space?: Multiple Desktops

Multiple Desktops allows you to have multiple screens (desktops) on one monitor. This allows you to have…

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Replace your Start Menu: Start Menu X

Start Menu X is an awesome replacement of the system menu. Compatible with Windows 11. Power users…

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Determine security features: SecurAble – Windows Security Features Tester

SecurAble probes the system’s processor to determine the presence, absence and operational status of three modern processor…

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Test Your Home Network: ShieldsUP! Test

Check your network for exposure to UPnP with the authority on security. ShieldsUP!! benignly probes the target…

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Link To Windows and Phone Link

You love your phone. So does your PC. Get instant access to everything you love on your…

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Connect mobile with desktop and laptop: KDE Connect

KDE Connect integrates your mobile devices (Android and iOS) and desktop/laptop computers (Windows, MacOS, and Linux). All…

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Windows Device Lost Or Stolen

Windows device lost or stolen? If GPS is on, you can track it. You can even remotely…

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Android Device Lost Or Stolen

Android device lost or stolen? If GPS is on, you can track it. If you can’t find…

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Device Remote Access App: RustDesk (FOSS)

Mr. R.D.J. recommended that I include a remote desktop application. Access one device from another anywhere, no…

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Photo editor for mobile: Polish – Photo Editor Pro

Polish – Photo Editor Pro offers you a thoughtfully all-in-one photo editing service. With the most professional…

Wilbur, the GIMP mascot
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Photo editor for desktop/laptop: GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program (FOSS)

This is some of the best free software like Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are a graphic designer,…

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An Android Tablet Running On Your PC

Android with Oracle VM VirtualBox First, install Oracle VM VirtualBox. To run Android, get the .iso file.Click…

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Virtual Machine Software

Oracle VM VirtualBox (FOSS) @GibN mentions that running virtual environments “allows developers to run multiple versions and…

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Want to run an old DOS game, but don’t have an old computer to run it on? You’ll have to be familiar with DOS to do this.

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Android on your Windows PC: BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for your Windows PC. You can run Android apps on your Windows…

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Revive your old PC: Linux Mint operating system for your PC (FOSS)

Linux Mint For Your Old Computer Mr. A.G., referring to his old PC, newly installed with Linux…

Phone connected to computer with USB cord
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Pics from Phone to Desktop: Android File Transfer

Ms. J.J. asked me about this. Take photos on your Android phone, but want them on your…

Ghost Commander
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File manager for Android: Ghost Commander (FOSS)

Ghost Commander is a dual-panel file manager (as well as a client for FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV,…

Go Multiple Wallpaper
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Unique wallpaper for each Android screen: GO Multiple Wallpaper

GO Multiple Wallpaper is a wallpaper plugin with 9 preset exquisite wallpapers. GO Multiple Wallpaper enables you…

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Spark Email: Email Client For Android, iOS, MacOS, & Windows

Connect Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud, and IMAP email in one app. Allows extensive HTML email…

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Enable Dark Theme On Devices

Android devices Can reduce power usage by a significant amount (depending on the device’s screen technology).…

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Put Emergency Info On Your Phone’s Lock Screen: Setting For All Smart Phones

What would happen if you needed urgent care, but couldn’t communicate with first responders, for example, as…

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Track your medical vitals: Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Take control of your blood pressure with the free Blood Pressure Log. You can also log your…

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Light Bulbs For Concentration, Focus, & Stimulation: “Daylight” LED Light Bulbs vs regular

LED Light Bulbs vs Regular “Daylight” LED light bulbs simulate noonday sunlight. These bulbs will be labelled…

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Health Records: Patient Portals

The last time I was in the hospital, I was on top of things. On my phone,…

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Compress Your Videos: FreeConvert Video Compressor

Now that you have a short video, you want to upload it. First, compress it to take…

NewPipe screenshot
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Download YouTube Videos: NewPipe (FOSS)

Bypass Google, and block ads & trackers. NewPipe is the most free and private way of watching…

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Aurora Store: App Store For Android (FOSS)

Aurora Store is an alternate to Google’s Play Store, with an elegant design, using Aurora you can…

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F-Droid: App Store For Android (FOSS)

app store for Android (FOSS) F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)…

multiple browsers
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What Browser Am I Using?: Browser Detection

Find out what browser and operating system that you’re using. Click here:

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Search Engine: Startpage

The world’s most private search engine. Protect your personal data. Don’t be tracked or targeted online. Search…

Firefox logo
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Browser: Firefox

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, says: “Only non-profit-backed browser with ad blocker that is secure, private & fast….