Are Your Downloads Valid?

Check File Hashes

When you download a large file, like an ISO file, you should check if the file has downloaded correctly. Do a search on file hashes, and you’ll find some esoteric, geeky stuff. Let’s make it simple.

Linux Mint

Gtk-hash is a plugin for Nemo, the installed file explorer. Go to Menu –> Administration –> Software Manager. Search for Gtkhash, as show in the first pic below. Choose Nemo-gtkhash. The pic in the second window below will appear. Click Install.

When asked to Authenticate, then do so, as in the first pic below. Then click Launch.


Open up Nemo by clicking the Home icon in the upper left of the desktop. Navigate to your Downloads folder, where you downloaded your file to be checked. The first time, you will need to right-click –> Open With –> Other Application….

Click Gtk-hash. You can now copy and paste the hash from the downloaded file’s web page. Paste it into the Check: area. The app will let you know if it matches any of the hash values. If it matches, you’re good. If it doesn’t match, then download your file again.


HashTab is a plugin for Windows Explorer, the installed file explorer. Download and install HashTab for Windows (FOSS). Then, it’s easy to make sure that your file is valid. In Windows Explorer, on the filename, right-click –> Properties –> File Hashes tab. Copy and paste the hash value listed to compare. Let the software compare it for you.



Ghost Commander allows you to find a checksum from a pull-down menu, no plugin needed.

Install Ghost Commander. Open the app, and navigate to your file. Long-press on the file name, and choose Checksum, then choose the appropriate checksum type (SHA1 or SHA256 or MD5). The checksum appears on the screen.