Device Remote Access App: RustDesk (FOSS)

Mr. R.D.J. recommended that I include a remote desktop application.

Access one device from another anywhere, no configuring routers, nothing technical.

Access your home desktop from your phone. Access your phone from your home desktop. Use the same application for your computer to control the other, or be the one controlled.

Available on Windows, Apple OS, Debian-based Linux (which includes Linux Mint), Android, iOS, and for the Web.

With AnyDesk, you must configure a controllable computer to be able to be controlled either:

  • with a person sitting at the controlled computer, and they click Accept
  • without a person sitting at the controlled computer, in which case you need a password

With RustDesk, you don’t have to choose ahead of time. You can choose at the time of connection.

For you uber-geeks, you can deploy your own server.


Web Client: