Disable Windows Searchbox Web Suggestions

When you do a search from the Windows Searchbox on the Taskbar, at the bottom of the Windows 11 screen, in addition to finding files and programs on your computer, you also get web results. You can test this for yourself, by searching for something from the Searchbox, like news.

Mr. C.T.M., an uber-geek friend of mine, told me that he changed a setting on his Windows 11 computer. When he did a search from the Windows Searchbox, he didn’t like getting web results.

Since I agreed, I asked him how to make that change. He of course, gave me the uber-geek way to do it, which includes typing in some esoteric text into a command line. I did this, and made the change. But, I wanted an easier way to make this change.

So, I created a simple way. Just click on this link to download the file. Open the file location, and then double-click on it. Windows will give you a security warning, because this will edit the Registry. Then click Run > Yes > Yes > OK. You will need to restart Windows for this to take effect.

Now, do the same search again. No more web results. When you want to do a web search, instead use Startpage.

If you would like to undo this, then click on this link to download the file. Follow the same directions to undo.

Author: richard