Health Records: Patient Portals

The last time I was in the hospital, I was on top of things. On my phone, I signed up for the patient portal at the hospital. I knew about what was happening to me, before the nurses told me. I could see the notes that the nurses wrote about me. So much, that I had the following conversation with a nurse.

    Me: What does A&O mean?
Nurse: Are you reading my notes?
    Me: Yes.
Nurse: It means alert and oriented.

Multiple hospitals and clinics work through MyChart.

Outside of the hospital, I went to the doctor, and got blood tests. Then, I got my blood test results directly from the blood testing company. This was days before the doctor called me to inform me of the results.

My blood work goes through Quest Diagnostics
My Quest web app:

Ms. A.A.M., a current, fully licensed Emergency Medical Technician, says:
“I highly recommmend that you don’t self-diagnose or self-treat before talking to your doctor. Be careful with WebMD or Google.”