Light Bulbs For Concentration, Focus, & Stimulation: “Daylight” LED Light Bulbs vs regular

LED Light Bulbs vs Regular

“Daylight” LED light bulbs simulate noonday sunlight. These bulbs will be labelled “daylight” or 5000°K or cool white. Their light appears bluish-white, and is stimulating. It is close to the light of a noonday sun. I use these light bulbs in my kitchen and my home office at my computer cockpit, places where I want to focus and concentrate. See the pic below of the color.

Old fashioned incandescent light bulbs were yellowish or 2700°K or warm/soft white. These are no longer available. Standard LED lights are this color now. I use these in the bedroom at dawn and dusk. See the pic below of the color.

These “daylight” lights are so nice, that I have given them as presents to friends, to turn them on to these light bulbs.

There are many different brands of these light bulbs. I show a picture above of some that I purchased. I like these because they are especially bright light bulbs at 2000 lumens. You can see that it is listed on the box, along with the temperature rating of 5000°K. That gives as much light as an incandescent 125 watt bulb, although you can see that this LED bulb only uses 18 watts. Check the table below to choose the lumen rating of your bulb.

Get A Light Bulb With LumensTo Replace An Old Incandescent Bulb In Watts

I’ve also found these light bulbs, with a switch to change between different white lights. Check out the pic of the box below, front and back.

Choose your shade of white light bulbs
Choose your shade of white light bulbs
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