Phone connected to computer with USB cord

Pics from Phone to Desktop: Android File Transfer

Ms. J.J. asked me about this. Take photos on your Android phone, but want them on your desktop or laptop?

If you want to do this wirelessly, then check out my other articles. If you’re running Microsoft Windows, the go to Link To Windows. If you’re running GNU Linux, like Linux Mint, then use KDE Connect.

Do you have a lot of photos? Then use this wired method. Here is how I did it with my Android phone and my Windows laptop.

Get your charger cable. It should look something like this in two parts:

You only need the cord, not the plug. Plug the cord into your phone first. Only one end will fit. Then plug the other end into your desktop or laptop like this:

On your desktop/laptop, Windows will display the following. Click on it.

To import all of your photos and videos from your phone to your desktop/laptop, click on Import photos and videos – Photos.

On my Android phone, I go to Settings > Connected Devices > USB. You will be at USB Preferences. Chosse File Transfer. This will unlock your phone for files to be transferred. This includes photographs.

Follow the instructions.

Photos for this article were edited with the GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program on Linux Mint.